Indoor Volleyball Rules: Our specialized rules list for Indoor Volleyball is linked below. Click to view.

Ultimate Rules: Our specialzed rules list for ultimate frisbee is linked below. Click to view.

Flag Football Rules: Our specialzed rules list for Flag Football is linked below. Click to view

Dodgeball Rules: Our specialized rules for Dodgeball are linked below. Click to view

League and Tournament Rules:

Weather Policy:    All games will be played rain or shine (within reason). Games will only be cancelled because of the presence of lightning or prolonged periods of rain before the scheduled games (According to permit use). The decision to play or not, will be made by the Active Diversions on-site staff member. You must report to the field of play no matter the weather or be subject to a forfeit. Games cancelled due to weather will not be rescheduled and no money will be refunded for missed games. 20 minutes of a game must be completed for it to count towards the standings.

Behaviour Policy:     All players must read and understand the behaviour policy before participating in any league games or tournaments.

              To facilitate a safe and sportsmanlike atmosphere any infractions in the following areas may
result in ejection from the league or suspension. The final decision on any infractions will be made by Active Diversions, incoordination with team captains. Refunds will not be given to behaviour  policy offenders.

1) Making intentional and aggressive contact with another player or Active Diversions employee
2) Trying to instigate an altercation with another player
3) Using profane and/or inappropriate language towards another player or Active Diversions employee

*If any of the above occur it is up to the team captains to ask the player to leave the field of play and make contact with the onsite Active Diversions staff member.

Defaults:     Teams must arrive to the field of play on time. If a team has not shown up by the end of the pre-determined warm-up time they will forfeit the game. Also if a team cannot meet the minimum player requirement they will forfeit the game. Two team forfeits will result in removal from the league or tournament with no refund. All Defaulted games will be recorded as 4-0 for the non-default team

Equipment & Field Set-up:

1) All Team members/players must be wearing the same coloured shirt when on the field of play (this colour will be designated before the season begins)
2) Cleats are allowed (NO metal spikes or bare feet)
3) The convener(s) will set up the field, provide equipment, a basic first aid kit and will blow the whistle to start the game

Waivers:     All participants in any of Active Diversions’ leagues or tournaments must complete a waiver form before participating. A player will not be allowed to take the field without a completed waiver form.

Sportsmanship:     All Active Diversions leagues and tournaments are run on a “fun first” basis. Therefore sportsmanship is extremely important when participating. All leagues will have a sportsmanship rating as part of the score recording form. A team will be ranked on a 1 to 5 basis. 1 being the lowest sportsmanship a team could have, you would be happy to never play that team again. 5 would be the most sportsman team you could play and you would love to play a team like this every week. At the end of the season the team with the highest overall sportsmanship rating will win the sportsmanship prize (will vary from season to season ie. t-shirt, hat etc.).