Flag Football Rules

Active Diversions Flag Football Rules
Rules adapted from rules provided on:www.footballcanada.com/flag.asp

 1. Introduction:

Description –  Flag is a modified version of tackle football. Many rules are similar to the mainstream game. Instead of tackling an opponent you must remove one their flags. The ball is advanced down the field by throwing or running the ball. A score occurs when a team crosses the other teams endline with the ball or the ball is caught in the opposing teams endzone. The defensive team’s goal is to prevent this from happening.

Spirit of the Game  – “The integrity of Flag Football depends on each player’s responsibility to uphold the Spirit of the game”. This game is based upon good sportsmanship and fair play. While it can be very competitive, there is an underlying respect and trust among competitors. At no time are taunting, cheating, dangerous aggression, malicious intimidation, intentional infractions or other “win-at-all-costs” behaviour tolerated. There are no referees in the league and thus, teams will self-officiate. It is expected that there will be a mutual adherence to the rules.

 Active Diversions reserves the right to remove a player or team from the league (due to behaviour). The team or player will not receive a refund of any sort!

2. Time and Players:

• Teams will have a ten minute warm up period.

• Games will last 50 minutes

• The game is completed when the convener blows the whistle at the end of 50 minutes; if the ball is in the air when the whistle is blown, the play counts

• 1st game will run from 6:40 -7:30pm ; 2nd game will run from 7:40-8:30pm • All teams play 6vs6 with at least 2 of each gender on the field

• A team has 10 minutes after the official start time to field a team (minimum 4 players, 2 of each gender) before they default

• There will be no timeouts during the games

*Every player must sign a waiver before the first game. If a new player is added to the roster throughout the season, the player must sign a waiver

3. Equipment and Field Set-up:

 • All Team members/players must be wearing the same coloured shirt when on the field of play (this colour will be designated before the season begins)

 • cleats are allowed (NO metal spikes or bare feet)

• the convener(s) will set up the field, provide a ball and flags, a basic first aid kit and will blow the whistle to start the game

4. Initiate Play:

• Team captains will decide who gets first ball by meeting before the start of the game and playing a quick game of “rock, paper, scissors”.

• The offensive team will start at their own ten yard line (ten yards from their endzone). There will be no kicks during games.